Chapter Eighteen


It's been a month since Luke started living with me. My dad felt it best to keep the boys at their house to give me privacy but I know that's not why. My home is not as safe as his but he won't say it out loud. I was quite upset about it at first but since there has been no activity with any creatures, I don't mind. They still come over a few times a week and help me around the house and thankfully the boys started enjoying their greens.  

Me and Luke’s day always start the same. Working on securing the outside of the house and we managed to put up a six-foot fence around the front of the house and backyard. The fence won't keep the beasts out but it has minimized wildlife from eating the produce. Doing the same thing every day has been quite tiring and what I would give to just go drive around town but Luke said I shouldn't. I've never been one to be a damsel in distress. I do what I want so having not only one, but two men telling me what to

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