Chapter Nineteen

Pulling up to my house all I see is angry faces. Taking a deep breath, I park the truck and get out with my hands up. “Don't be upset." Walking towards them fully aware of the anger written on their faces. "What the fuck were you thinking?!" Surprisingly my dad was not the first one to talk, it was Luke. Putting a small smile on my face, I look over to my mom and notice she was in tears. "Mom I am fine; I was fine the whole time until" "Until what Susan." My father interrupted. Shit, maybe I should have waited on telling them about Alex. At least until after they saw all the goods I brought home. 

"After I gathered a truck load of supplies" Being dramatic as I point to the loaded truck. Waiting for their reply and there was not an impressed look on any of their faces. "Alex was there." Might as well rip the band aide while its half off. Watching my mother gasp and cover her mouth with her hands and my dad ran his hands through his hair. Luke just stood there starin

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