Chapter Twenty One

Heading toward town, I told my dad not to go west, we should go south since there is a good number of houses and a couple stores. My goal today is finding Luke and if he doesn't want to be found then maybe people.

Making it to the main road and my dad sees for the first time how everything is over grown and the number of vehicles abandoned on the road. Looking out the windows we stay silent as we continue to head on our way. Driving slowly, we move around all the obstacle's and items in our way. Taking the first street to our right, we move slow and notice vultures flying around all the front yards and when we get a better look, there eating remains; human remains.

Covering my mouth with my hands, I just keep observing the horrific sight in front of me. Bodies were scattered throughout the yards. They have been long gone and the clothes covering parts of bones made me realize this might not have been a good idea. "Dad, this is giving me a bad feeling." Whispering as we

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