Chapter Fifty

A week has gone with me not speaking to anyone. No one came to talk with me and Rick didn't visit either. I have been all alone in this room with regular room service that was slid under the door. I not once moved from my spot other than to use the washroom. Jane insisted that I ate to keep up our energy but I never ate much. Laying on the floor looking up, I hear the door unlocking. Not moving once inch as my eyes stay glued to the ceiling.  

"Hello my love." His voice fueled my rage as I laid there not answering back. Sitting in silence, I heard footsteps coming closer as continued to lay still. "You can't be mad at me all day, can you? Today is our wedding kitten." Turning to look at him, my face stayed the same. No emotion and no care in the world. With his room right next to mine, I heard every night this past week he had a woman in there all night long while I stayed caged in here like an animal. 

"I don't fucking care

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