Chapter Fifty One

Watching them open the back of Angels cage, I tried to kick and fight but his hold was too tight. "Don't you fucking lay a hand on him!" I scream as they grab hold of Angel by the back of his neck, dragging him out. Walking him to the front, Angels eyes connect with mine and he smiles. "Stop crying Sussie. Your family will always love you." Angel closes his eyes and as I scream, I watch a knife make contact with his skull.  

Rick let me fall to the ground as I watch Angel's lifeless body fall to the floor and blood pools around him. Angel was my best friend. We spent every day together talking and learning from one another and Rick had him killed right in front of me. Standing to my feet, I glance towards Luke and he shakes his head.  

Turning around, I look Rick in the eyes. "How dare you?" I say with gritted teeth. He let out a laugh and the next thing I knew, his hand made contact with my face. I could hear Luke growling behind me as I place my h

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