Chapter Fifty Three

"What makes you think I would leave you? Everything was done against your will, right?" His brow rose as he stared at me waiting for my answer. Sitting on the bed, I wait patiently for him to come sit with me but it never happened. Watching the features of his face go from confused to anger tore me apart. I know this will not be easy for me to talk about but he deserves to know. 

"Well?" Luke demanded walking closer to me and I place my hands together taking a deep breath. "It started with me hating him more than life itself but after my mark was gone, it was like I only had eyes for him. The pull was so strong and my feelings became confused." Watching him pace the room, pulling at his hair told me all I needed to know. There will be no forgiveness and I have lost my true mate.  

"How many times?" He yelled, staring daggers at me. "Only once. I found out his true plan about him taking over the world and turning it evil. Rick told me he wanted

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