Chapter Fifty Four

"What do you mean alone?"  My mom stayed silent as she continued to cook with her back facing me. "Mom!" I yelled, worrying for what may have happened to our people. "Don't you yell at me young lady." Turning in a hurry and pointing the spatula at me. Raising my hands in defeat, I sat back down and waited for her answer. "Well, you have been gone for a while and you were only home for a day last time so we weren’t able to talk. The group has been building houses like crazy along with the fence so each family has their own place to call theirs." A smile spread across my face as my mom talked about each job everyone has picked up and how they have managed to store enough food for everyone for the next year. Since they are almost done with the fence, the community will be safe. 

They managed to grow and strive without me and I couldn't be happier. "Hey mom, I'm going to put my items away and take a shower. Don't tell me no, it's just something I need to do." Shak

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