Chapter 44


“I see that your mate left” Rosetta said when she caught sight of me. I raised an eyebrow at her when I entered the ballroom and her blue eyes met my own, she looped my arm with hers when she saw me approach her “aren’t you going to greet me, my king?”

“I can tell that you’re still as observant as you always were” I said glaring at Rosetta who rolled her eyes on me, she smiled at the guests who were leaving. Their eyes looking at our joined hands for a second before they bowed and walked out of the ballroom fearing me noticing their eyes.

“Do you really believe that she’s safe because you made her leave the palace Niklaus?” Rosetta asked making me frown in confusion, I could tell that her tone was nowhere near being normal. I glared at the woman whose lips twitched up as she tried fighting back a smile “have you already forgotten who I am and what I’m capable of?”

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