Chapter 3


I watched as my future wife, mate, ran out of her palace as fast as she could and smiled.

It took her long enough to do it in the first place as I had expected her to run away a long time ago, but then again, she was still too young and innocent for that kind of thing.

She stood in the middle of the road admiring the view of the stars and the moon in the night sky, something that she did back when she was in her chamber, therefor to see everything she was seeing right now up-close only made her smile.

I walked toward the bakery which was on the side of the road and noticed that they were making a fresh batch of dessert, I looked at my mate once again before vampire speeding toward the bakery and looking at the man who smiled upon seeing me clearly not noticing that I vampire sped toward his door.

“Good evening sir” he smiled at me.

“Good evening” I smiled back, I looked at my mate once more to find a car honking its horn at her and couldn’t help but chuckle “you see that girl over there?”

I pointed at the princess who was crossing the street, the man nodded and looked at me with a raised eyebrow “I want her to try these cookies and some of your hot chocolate, I’ll pay for them, but tell her that they’re on the house” I said looking at her to find her crossing the street, not giving the old man a chance to reply though knowing that he’d do as told, I put a hundred duckets on the cashier table and walked out of the bakery before the princess caught sight of me.

I watched as the old man invited her in and smiled when I saw her shy state at the man’s invitation, knowing that she probably had nothing to pay with, especially having left in the rush that she was in, and plus due to her mother and father never even allowing her to go out of the palace, therefor I couldn’t really expect her to be carrying any money on her.

Smiling at the sight of her eating a cookie, I walked inside the bakery stopping whatever questions would be coming from the old man at the bakery as I could tell that he might probably grow suspicious at the man who suddenly asked him and his wife to invite the girl in.

I walked toward the cashier, my eyes meeting my mate’s for a second and I could swear fires erupted through the room as I stared at her, stopping myself from running toward her and claiming her as my own here and then, I teared my eyes from her and turned my gaze to the old man who was looking at me with a smile on his face, clearly understanding my attraction toward the girl.

“One coffee please, and some of those cookies, they smell delicious” I said smiling, I knew that Kiara recognized my voice, having spoken behind her so many times, but always leaving before she had a chance to see who I was, her parents were stupid to believe that I didn’t know of her existence, I made a mental note to make them pay for everything they put the princess through to hide her from me, to break their part of the deal, they were going to pay a great deal of it, but when the time was right, now I wanted to take my princess.

I sat down on a table which was beside hers and smiled as I looked at her, admiring her innocence as she looked at the cookies as if they were the most precious things in the world, taking a bite out of my own cookie, I understood her expression, they did taste heavenly, I had to admit, they were clearly made with love and care.

“What do you think?” The old woman asked me and I smiled nodding in approval to her, her own smile widened as she looked at her husband proudly.

“It was my husband’s recipe, his mother had taught it to him a long time ago, but he had never told me about it, then he decided that today would be a great addition to our bakery” the woman explained, her eyes met her husband’s lovingly and both the princess and I looked at the couple with a similar smile on our faces, I looked at the princess and her gaze met my own as she smiled and nodded at the couple who seemed lost in one another making me chuckle.

I raised an eyebrow at the princess wanting to clear my throat, but she shook her head giving me a warning expression as she looked me in the eye, her expression turning playfully serious letting me know that she didn’t want me breaking their moment, despite not knowing who I was, our eyes spoke to one another as if we’ve known each other our whole lives.

I shook my head and took a sip of my coffee, my eyes meeting the princess’s once again to find her looking at me while she drank her own hot chocolate.

My blue eyes stayed on her green ones for a few seconds before she put the drink down and took the survey paper that was on the table and a pencil, writing something making me frown in confusion before she extended it to me.

Raising an eyebrow, I noticed her cursive writing, making me chuckle as I read what she wrote.

-Soon love, I will be the one to make you explore the world, just a little more patience.

I shook my head at her smart mind, how she had related to me I did not understand, but she smiled and got up thanking the old man and lady before walking out of the bakery.

“Go after her son” the old man said encouraging me, I chuckled to him looking down as I grabbed my wallet and put another hundred duckets on the table knowing for fact that it was way more than anything cost in his bakery, but he and his wife deserved it.

It was seconds later when I caught the princess sitting on one of the benches looking at the stars beside a telephone stand, I chuckled and walked toward her my mind wondering what she found so attractive in the night sky that she kept staring at them whenever she could.

“How’d you know that it was me?” I asked raising an eyebrow.

“Your voice gave you out” she said not looking at me, her eyes still on the sky for a few more seconds before she lowered her face to look me in the eye.

“Though I am curious how you managed to enter my chamber and leave without getting caught all these years, especially since it is on the second floor, and you were never around when I looked for your voice” she said honestly, I raised an eyebrow at her cold manner, how was she not surprised of this?

“How are you not shocked or surprised of this?” I asked voicing out my confusion.

“Because, you just proved to me that this was all a dream, and I was back in the palace asleep on my bed” she said making me frown in confusion “but it’s a beautiful dream, I like it and I’m hoping that I never wake up from it”

“Why not?” I asked sitting down by her side, she didn’t seem to mind, though I believe it is only because she did not believe that whatever was happening with her right now was a reality.

“Everyone is very nice, and I finally met you, I’ve been hearing your voice in my head for so long that I was wondering whether you were real or not, at least now I saw you in my dream and know what you look like” she said smiling, I didn’t know how to respond to what she said therefor I stayed quiet and looked up at the sky finding the beautiful night sky filled with stars and a full moon, it was times like this when I felt how blessed I was that I was a hybrid and not a normal werewolf who would’ve been forced to shift against his will.

“Now I know what you find in the night sky” I said smiling, she let out a breathy laugh before looking up herself admiring the beauty in the sky, I however, turned my gaze to her, admiring her beauty, how free she looked being out of those palace walls which were draining the life out of her.

“It’s beautiful, isn’t it? Everything is so well defined, so free, and big, there’s nothing blocking your view” she said explaining, I just stayed quiet listening to her, getting lost in her, wishing that I could be taking her with me, away from feeling trapped the way she did, which was obvious in the way she spoke.

“Oh! Look a shooting star” she said excitedly pointing at the sky, I followed her gaze and smiled as I saw the star.

“Well then, what are you waiting for? Close your eyes and make a wish” I told her, she frowned in confusion and I chuckled “it is said that when you wish on a shooting star, your wish comes true”


“That’s what the legends say, you can try if you like, it gives a beautiful feeling in doing so” I said looking her in the eye, it was true, those shooting stars came from our realm, when a child of a mating is born, a shooting star is thrown across the realms granting whoever saw it and made a wish his or her wish, it was our way of celebrating a child of a mating.

Kiara closed her eyes and I smiled as I looked at her admiring her features, her sharp jaw, plump pink lips, thick eyelashes, she was everything a man wished for and more.

“Am I supposed to say my wish out loud?” she asked and I chuckled.

“No, just think of it, and believe that it will happen, then open your eyes” I said smiling, she nodded doing as told, her expression softening as she made her wish, though I was actually curious what she asked for, I knew not to ask.

“Isn’t your family going to get worried that you’re gone?” I asked her looking at the time, it was well past eleven and she had been out for almost two hours now.

“If they find out about this then I’m in big trouble, but then again this is all a dream, so why worry?” She said smiling and I nodded, I needed a way to return her to the palace without anyone finding out that she had left, and without her finding out that this was not a dream, well that is at least until I came to take her with me tomorrow, there was no way I was going to keep her at that palace any longer.

“True, true” I said smiling, I looked at her to find her looking at me making me raise a confused eyebrow, she smiled and shook her head, though she didn’t seem uncomfortable being caught staring at me, but I had to remind myself that she thought that all this was a dream.

“Everything alright love?” I asked her softly, she nodded giving me a soft smile, one that I had been dying to see directed toward me since the day I saw her.

“This is just one beautiful dream” she admitted “I don’t want it to end”

“We can make it last for an eternity if you want” I said softly.

“I’m going to wake up in a few hours being in my chamber, in that palace, not allowed to walk without a guard, or eat without a maid standing on top of my head watching my every movement, it won’t be lasting an eternity” she said sadly, I looked at her my eyes softening, I vowed to myself to make up to her everything she’s been through, to let her feel alive and happy again., but right now I simply stayed quiet and listened to her.

She turned her gaze back to the sky and her expression went back to being carefree as the night wind hit her face “this is one beautiful sky”

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And then they meet. Sweet. Love this book. What’s next.

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