Chapter 7


I looked at the guests who lowered their gazes when they met my intense one, not caring that they had nothing to do with the princess being upset or hurt, just the fact that they saw what they did, the way they did annoyed me, and I made sure to show it.

I followed the princess’s scent and heartbeat out of the ball room to find her in the hall close to the door as she wiped her eyes from the tears that fell out of them, slowly making my way toward her, not wanting to frighten or annoy her more than she probably was, I slowly took her hand in mine stopping her from wiping her tears and doing it myself, she involuntarily leaned in to my touch, her body taking over her senses before her mind could process the mating pull.

“I apologize for what happened” I said honestly, my eyes meeting hers in a soft gaze, her once emerald green eyes now bloodshot red from crying, I didn’t like the sight, it had my wolf howling as my fangs and canines

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