Chapter 9


I looked between Lorenzo, the guard who has been by my side for years now, Giovani, who didn’t seem phased by what his partner has done, King Niklaus who kept his eyes on me, as if the fallen body meant nothing, then at Emily, who was dead, right before my eyes, with a hole in her chest, her heart thrown by her side as Lorenzo tossed it on the ground, my hands shaking at the sight and my heart racing in fear as I fought myself not to run away from what I had just witnessed.

“Why?” I asked, it was the only word I could voice out without throwing up, the sight being frightening to me as it was the first time I’ve seen something this barbaric in my life, not even animalistic, an animal would never be pulling a heart out and shoving to the side this coldly, none of them seeming worried or frightened by what had happened a mere few minutes ago.

“She has hurt you badly, betrayed your trust in her, and told your parents on you despi

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