Chapter 15


I walked toward my classes with Anastasia and Jasmine following close behind, having taken history, and languages first, learning all about the different languages of the realm as it turns out that each creature had its own language, the history of the different kings and queens who have ruled the magic world, against or alongside humans, the deals that were made, the betrayals too.

My mind wondering back to Klaus who was probably seeing my father in his throne room right now, I was curious to know what he wanted, why he had contacted Prince Ian, especially since he was the one who asked me to leave the kingdom, claiming that if he ever saw me, that my life would be taken by his own hands, therefor for him to be here after putting that threat out was confusing and just sounded wrong, well that is of course unless someone had died.

Had something happened to mother?

The thought alone forced me to stop my track as I was walking following a guard who w

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goodnovel comment avatar
Wow her parents are really that cruel??
goodnovel comment avatar
The Hybrid King. Worthless parents! Ian I hope you are not playing devils advocate. But if you are truly honest like Klaus - good for you telling Kiara. Go Kiara.

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