Chapter 16


“Mother was never pregnant, was she?” I looked at my mate with wide eyes as she looked at her father, her back to me as she glared at him, my eyes met Ian’s he shook his head motioning for me to calm down, though I was confused on what she meant as she seemed to speak with so much confidence that I knew that whatever she was saying wasn’t just some lucky guess, her heart racing as she stood before the man who has hurt her throughout her whole life.

“Of course, she was princess, you saw her losing the child right before your eyes” King Leonardo said looking at Kiara, though his eyes were now frightened as if he was just caught, I looked at Ian who seemed to be on the verge of slitting the king’s throat, though I could tell that he was trying to keep himself composed, King Leonardo’s heart was racing against his ribcage as if threatening to get out of his chest and run.

“You’re a bloody prick&rdquo

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