Chapter 17


I woke up in my chamber, my mind feeling like it weighed a ton after what had happened, I was sure that I looked like a disaster too, I didn’t even need to look at myself in the mirror to know that my eyes would be having dark circles under them and that my face would be pale from crying and lack of food, remembering how Klaus had held me in his arms as I sobbed, not even complaining about the fact that I had probably soaked his shirt, or the fact that I was fisting his shirt, he just held me, kissing the crown of my head every few minutes, soothing me with gentle words, I couldn’t help but feel grateful for him being there as I recalled the memory.

I sat down, rubbing my tired eyes, resting my head on the headboard, and looked at the blinds which were closed, slowly getting out of bed to open them wanting to see the sky in front of me, the moon and stars always had a calming effect on me back home, I was sure that they’d be having the same eff

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The Hybrid King. Kiara is happy with Klaus and her new home. Yay! Klaus is so sweet. This is a wonderful book!

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