Chapter 18


“You see that star over there?” I asked pointing up the sky to the brightest star, Kiara followed my gaze and nodded, we were sitting with our backs against a tree trunk, stargazing and talking.


“That is your realm, you see we are linked, sharing one sky, though we have different dimensions” I said looking Kiara in the eye, our eyes met, emerald green to sky blue and I smiled before she turned to look at the star again, somewhat getting lost in thought.

“You mean Intelligible Realm?” Kiara asked looking at the star then at me, I smiled at how smart she was, the realm was a secret of scientists, not many know, or more specifically, not many may consider these theories as knowledge important enough to mention.

“No, just a corresponding realm, one that we created when things got too messed up for humans to live with other creatures” I said looking at her “the Intelligible

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goodnovel comment avatar
The Hybrid King. The siblings are hilarious. Love the Princess Sass / Destruction name lol. Too funny. Catching big brother sleeping in the garden. Lol.

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