Part one Perdition Chapter Three

Chapter three

Daniel and Izzy were two children that escaped from a life of service. They have been hidden for so long. Izzy loved her life here in the underworld. She wanted nothing more.

Daniel had missing puzzle pieces his entire life. He wanted to find the answers. He just did not know where to look. Until the priest showed up to corrupt Daniel and destroy the nice life they had built in the underworld. He had all the answers. He knew everything or was he lying?

The day everything went wrong was the day a young priest landed in the underworld. They marked him for Bowen. He must’ve been bad to land on Bowen’s table. No one knew what. He was well known, well-loved, and well respected. Why would a priest be marked for Bowen? What could he possibly have done?

Bowen decided this would be an easy one. There was some mistake that would be fixed. This would not be his usual punishment. He decided this would be a good day to send in Daniel. Daniel could practice his techniques on the priest.

 “Listen to me, Daniel. Do not go too far. Do you understand? Just ask him a few questions. Got it. He will probably tell you why he is here. Got it. Listen, he is in great favor. I do not understand why he is here. I have to check the golden city condemned file. There has to be a mistake. Just ask him why he is here. Daniel, you got this right?”

 Bowen was nervous about leaving Daniel alone. He was like a son to him and he only wanted him to succeed. Daniel was eager to help Bowen.

 “I got it. I am not Koko. I will not hurt him. I will ask him why he is here. I will be compassionate but do my job.” Daniel reassured everything would be fine.

A priest who came to the underworld with a secret, what kind of secret could land a great man in the underworld on the table of Bowen? Daniel wanted to find out. He thought it would make Lucifer and Bowen proud.

The priest was escorted into the chamber. The chamber was a small room. When he walked into it the temperature began to fluctuate. Depending on the mood of the individuals in the room, the temperature was in constant flux.

The room was dark. It felt like a void, a dark void of death that a soul never left. The feeling was the same for almost every soul that crossed the threshold into the chamber. There was always something familiar to the soul in the room.

When Daniel entered the room to speak with the priest there was a clock showing the time. It was a silver clock with a Raven. The time showed 235.

The raven was familiar to Daniel.

As he walked into the room he looked at the clock. It spoke to him. The room was empty for him.

 The void was deeper than usual. He could feel it. A bright light burned in the room. The priest appeared. The light burned again and the clock started ticking. The priest disappeared again. The temperature began to fluctuate.

 Daniel began to think about his mother. As his thoughts went to his mother the priest appeared again. He could smell Venus. His memories of her flooded his mind. Celestials have all their memories from the beginning to the end. From the moment they are formed until the day they burn out. Daniel remembered her smell. She smelled like a magnolia tree.

“Daniel I have been looking forward to this day.” He spoke without opening his eyes. He knew Daniel but how?

 Daniel was angry. “Who are you?” Daniel spoke softly but his anger was heard. His voice deepened as he repeated himself.”Who are you?”

“Damnation. Why did Bowen give you that name? Your mother wanted you to be called….”

 Daniel cut the priest off. “No one calls me Damnation. My name is Daniel. I am the son of Lucifer and the mighty…”

 The priest finished his sentence. “Venus.”

“I am going to ask you one more time. Who are you?” Daniel spoke loudly. His eyes were red like the fires that burned in the repentance void.

Labith heard Daniel. She dropped the book she was reading and ran. The clock in the hall showed the time 235. Time had stopped. Something was wrong. There were no sounds as she ran to Daniel. The quiet was deafening. She ran as fast as she could.

She was screaming “Daniel do not hurt him. Do not hurt Isaac. Stop before it’s too late.” She knew.

As she ran past the gatekeeper, she screamed. “Isaac is here. We have to stop him before it’s too late.”

 Koko ran behind her. Labith took flight trying to get to the chamber before Daniel killed Isaac or worse before Daniel found out the truth. This cannot be happening she thought to herself. This cannot happen. Not today.

Labith felt a deep pain inside her wings and she fell to the ground. She jumped back up to her feet but could not get her wings to work. She kept running. She checked the clock it was 235. Time had stopped and she was unable to fly.

She stopped summoned everything inside her, let out a mighty roar, and speed past the clock. The time is 236. Labith arrives at the chamber.

The iron door was locked. Labith could see inside. She was screaming for Isaac and Daniel.”Please stop. Stop. Do not say anything” Labith began to cry.

She is screaming for someone to help. No one would come. Time was still frozen for everyone except her and the two in the chamber. Koko was helpless.

It only took four words to change the lives of everyone in and out of the chamber. “Your mother is alive.”

Daniel grabbed Isaac. “You are a liar. You will pay for that lie. Is that your great sin? You are a liar. I will rip your tongue out of your mouth.”

Isaac spoke softly “Daniel I am not a liar. Listen to me. I do not have much time. There are things I need to tell you.”

Daniel grabbed Isaac by his face. He had a sharp pearl-handled knife in his left hand. “Speak priest before I change my mind.”

 “Come closer Damnation” Isaac leaned into Daniel to whisper the truth in his ear.

Daniel dropped the blade and looked out of the chamber. The clock on the wall showed the time. It was 333. Time had caught up and the truth was released. Daniel sat down in the corner. He was angry.

 He sobbed uncontrollably. “My life is a lie.” Daniel knew everything and he was not sure what to do with his knowledge.

Every thought that ran into his head was anger mixed with sadness. The priest Isaac remained in the chamber. He was there for a reason and this was it. He was sent there, to tell the truth, a truth that would damage every truth known to man, woman, child, and celestial beings. The truth was out.

Labith came into the chamber and with one mighty blow, she sent the priest into the void. “You idiot! You have doomed us all!”

She ran to Daniel. She sat down right beside him on the floor. She placed his head on her breast.

 “Listen to me, Daniel. Isaac was a crazy man with many crazy ideas. Let me better explain to you the truth. We were planning to tell you everything it just hasn't been the right time. Lucifer does not even know everything.” She held him tightly.

“Did you know she is alive?” He sobbed.

 “I only found out recently. We knew her light was still burning but we were unsure if she was alive.” She reassured him.

“What all did he say to you, Daniel?” She inquired.

Daniel lied. He was not about to tell her the truth. He was not sure if he could trust anyone anymore.

“He said she was alive. He said that Venus was alive and has been alone all these years trying to find me and Izzy.”

The priest had told him so much more. Time had stopped for them he had time to tell Daniel everything.

“Daniel how long was the time stopped?” she inquired. She needed to know how much damage had been caused by Isaac.

“I do not know. How do you know him?” Daniel looked up to Labith “at least tell me how you know him.”

Labith was not sure if she was ready to go into all the tiny details of the last thousand years.

“Daniel I was not a good angel. I was not a bad angel. I was born very unique. I had many gifts. I shared my gifts with humans and I was punished for it.”

 She hesitated to tell him but she knew he needed to know at least this much.

“Daniel my greatest sin was being powerful. And I did something I should not have done. I had a child with a human and created a race of celestial beings that were half-human. Isaac was part of my family ancestry.” Labith began to cry.

“Daniel we need to go and figure out what we are going to tell Bowen and Lucifer. This is not going to sit well. I just punished someone without permission.”

“Daniel you need to think hard and tell me anything he might have told you that would be important.” She pleaded with him.

“You mean like my mother being alive?” he said as he stormed out of the chamber. The clock began to tick hard.

Bowen came running into the chamber. Daniel is gone. Labith is on the floor crying

. “What happened? Did he lose it?“ Bowen inquired.

“No Bowen. The priest was Isaac. He told Daniel that Venus is alive. If Isaac is here then who is guarding Eden?” Labith walked past Bowen into the hall. The clock was ticking normally again.

Bowen was angry. He began to destroy the chamber. A light flashed and another soul entered the chamber. He was back on track and doing his job.

“My mother is alive,” Daniel said aloud as he looked at the only picture he had of her. She was beautiful. He wanted to see her. Labith had sent the priest Isaac to the void. He wanted to know more. He needed to know more. His thoughts were on her and her alone.

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