Part One Perdition Chapter Four

Chapter four

He knew his sister visited lost souls and tried to help them. He decided he would tag along and see if he could find out where Isaac was. If he could free him he could see his mother and find out what is going on and why he needs to be hidden from the Angels.

Daniel walked to his sister’s room. When he arrived at her door he leaned on it and gave her a smirk. “Hey sis what’s on the agenda for the day? Are you going to save the souls or some other charity work?” He was hoping to tag along but did not want her to know that he needed her right now.

He walked toward her. “You know it’s really dangerous for you to go alone. Maybe I should go with you today? Everyone is in some sort of an uproar over a guest in the chamber.”

She could see he was up to something. She loved him and was happy for him to go but she knew it was not for her well-being.

 “Come on Damnation. Be my babysitter today if you feel like it.” She knew calling him that would stir him up a little.

“That was unnecessary Perdition.” He snapped back. She glared at him. “Sorry, Izzy. Can I please go with you today? I am just not feeling like myself.”

 She could see he was sincere and decided to take him along with her. “I guess. Please don't be a jerk. If you can behave and be helpful then you can go. Ok,” She smiled at him. Her brother the jerk.

“I promise to try to behave Izzy.”  He said.

“Well, brother try not to make promises you can’t keep.” She threw her bag at him. “Here carry this.”

She pushed past him and started walking down the corridor to the silver elevator.

“Izzy, what is this bracelet on your bag?” He asked her. It was their mothers.

 “It was moms, you idiot. You already know that.” She says.

“Why aren’t you wearing it, idiot?” He was upset it was on the bag. Izzy never took it off before. She stopped.

“Daniel it was burning my skin earlier today. It felt like fire. I could not stand the way it felt. So I put it on my bag. I will put it back on. I just couldn't tolerate it.”

He could tell she was holding something back. “What is it, Izzy?” He was concerned for her

“Daniel the bracelet was almost speaking to me. I felt her. It was weird.” She says.

 He thought about telling her. He knew she would go straight to Lucifer and decided to wait it out. The elevator dinged. “That’s us.” She jumped on.

He hesitated to get on.”Izzy are you sure this is safe? I mean what if we get stuck in the void?” He asked.

“Seriously Damnation, you have run all over the underworld your entire life. Let’s go. I will hold your hand.” She says.

 He stepped in and pushed past her. “OK let’s do this.

The elevator was open to those that worked and lived in the underworld. If you were sentenced to the void you could not enter. Izzy had been using the elevator to visit souls since she found it as a child.

 She could explore places others couldn't. She enjoyed her time away from the everyday life of being the daughter of the king. Daniel never used it.

 He was gifted in ways she was not. He could think of a place he wanted to be and just go there. He was not able to just bounce into the void. He needed her to guide him there. He was afraid he would get there and not be able to get back. Izzy was a pro at bouncing around the lost souls.

“Daniel, will you tell me why you are coming along?” She inquires.

 “Well, sis I just want to be with you today. Is that ok?” He lied.

 He did need to be with her today but he needed to do this alone. He knew if he could learn from her how to manipulate the void he could find the priest and figure out what he was trying to tell him.

“Daniel please stay close until you understand how the void works.” She said softly “and behave yourself” She gave him her best motherly stern look. “I have someone important to see today. So behave.”

 Daniel reassured her he would and they continued into the void. It was dark. The sounds were overwhelming. Only a few feet in front of them was visible. Izzy knew her way. She knew where to step in the void. She was a pro.

 “Daniel hold tight to me. It gets tricky as we move further into the void. Do not listen to anyone. Do you understand? Some of these souls have been here for a long time. They will tell you anything.” She says.

 She was worried about him. They kept moving. She knew there was so much more to this journey. She is his twin. She could feel his pain. She knew his joy and right now she knew he was a liar.

Daniel stayed close. He did not say a word. He just kept on her heels. He could hear the voices in the void. He wanted to hear a particular one.

“Izzy have you ever came back to see one person? How would you find them?” he inquired

“That’s easy. You just ….” She stopped. “Daniel, who are you trying to see?”

“Izzy please I'm just curious” he explains.

He did not want to tell her the truth. He was afraid she would be hurt. He knew he would have to tell her but he did not think it was the right time. He did not want to involve Lucifer and his men right now. He wanted to know the truth and not the version they had been told.

“I know you are lying but I am not going to push it, Daniel. I am just happy you are here with me. So let’s keep moving. Shall we?” she says.

She pushed on. She was mad. She knew better than to let her emotions out in the void. The void is not a place to release anything. She calmed herself and focused on the task at hand. Why did she let him get to her?

“There is a light ahead Daniel. Let’s see what’s going on? It must be a new soul arriving” She climbed down the rocks. “Easy peasy. Be careful. You do not want to fall. Stay close to the dirt wall. It’s safe.” She pushed him on through the void.

“How long does it take for a soul to arrive Izzy?” He asks.

He was trying to get his information and not fall into the void or make her any madder than she already was.

 “Daniel is this about the chamber? If it is. It depends on the soul and who sent them. Did you do something you were not supposed to do? What is going on?” She asks.

The light went out above the void and souls started moving. “This is not supposed to happen. Daniel who is that down there?” she was terrified. “Daniel!”

He was frozen. He had never been this deep in the underworld. He was listening to the voices speak to him. Izzy could tune them out.

 Daniel could hear their pain. It was terrifying to him. “Daniel block them out think of something you love. Think of mom.” She encouraged him.    

Daniel could barely hear her voice over the souls speaking to him. He decided to listen instead. He started sorting their voices. He wanted to find the priest.

“Daniel come to me and I will take you to her. Set me free.” He could hear the priest. He heard him.

“Izzy something is wrong we need to get out of here.” Daniel insisted they leave.

She agreed and helped him up the rocks and back to the tunnel. They walked slowly to the elevator but did not say one word. She helped him in.

“Izzy. You know I love you and I would never hurt you right?” he stared into her eyes. He was crying.

 “Of course Daniel. Whatever is going on. I will help you.” She says softly.

He grabbed her shoved her out of the elevator. “I am so sorry Izzy.” He whispered.

 He hit the down button on the elevator and continued following the voice of the priest.

Daniel found the priest in the void. “Daniel you have the power to release me.” He screamed at him from the void. “You just have to lock another soul into my place. Think of someone.”

Without hesitation, he thought of Izzy and placed her in the void where the priest was. He locked her in for eternity.

“We have to go. I know the way out. She is waiting for us.” The priest spoke calmly as he led the way out of the underworld.

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