Part One Perdition Chapter Five

Perdition POV

I am out of the void. I escaped from the underworld my brother left me to endure. He left me!  He left me to die. He had no concern for me only the priest.

He found his way to the priest and escaped the underworld. Bowen searched for him and me for years. No one could release me from the underworld. No one could get me out. I was the only one who could get me out.

 They could not locate Daniel. Isaac cloaked him. My mother was protecting him from the underworld and the golden city. I do not understand why she protected him. She left me to die.

She was only concerned with the stronger twin. I was nothing to her. I am going to kill her and my brother. I will end this torment.

As I was lying in my hell, I could hear my brother. I could hear Isaac. I know he is with my mother and I know they have terrible plans for the topside humans.

 I heard all the plans they were making but I could do nothing but listen to the disturbing details of the topside demise. I know in my heart I must find them. I must stop them from the evil they are starting.

 I don’t even have time to mourn KoKo’s death. KoKo was only trying to protect everyone with his deceit. His lie cost him his life. My heart breaks for him. I loved him. He was so good to me in my years in the underworld.

 He was always there when my father could not be; I will never have those moments with him again. I will mourn you KoKo just not today. I have to adapt to this new world, bury my feelings, and continue with my destiny.

The thought of everything is so terrifying. I am one person. I am not sure how I am going to stop them. I will stop them. This will end. They both will die. How will I kill my brother?

What happened to him? Why did he do me this way? Questions for another day, today I have to adapt. Today I have to figure out what to do in this world.

 I have to find my path and fight for what is right, I feel so alone, I feel like I have no one to turn to. I have no home and no family.  I am out of the void but I am still just as lost as I was in the void. I am so confused.

As I walk down a stone path, I can see her out of the corner of my eye. She is beautiful and familiar. I know her. Who is she? I can hear her as she approaches me. Her voice is so loud in my head. I am not sure why I can hear her.

 When I was in the void I could hear voices. I could hear voices as a child. I was always told to ignore them. Here I am hearing her as she walks toward me. I know she is going to help me. 

She has long blond hair, a beautiful shape, and a smile I can get lost in. She knows me. I am not afraid. She is walking toward me. She is calm as she approaches me.

 What should I do? She gently taps me on the shoulder. “Perdition come with me. I am here to help.”

 I feel like she is sincere. Why not? What do I have to lose at this point? My dead mother is alive, my brother tried to kill me and now I am on the topside and I do not understand how to blend in. I will just follow this stranger into another void. What’s the worst that could happen at this point?

I have already been left for dead. Is she here to help me or kill me? I guess there is only one way to find out? I am going to follow her and see where it leads me?

She is leading me further into the city. It is so beautiful. I have heard stories about topside from all the lost souls I tried to help. I never imagined this. I cannot believe what I am seeing. I could get lost in this music.

The city sounds are heavenly. Well, maybe not heavenly. The people are so beautiful. I am in complete awe of everything around me. I have spent my entire life in the underworld. I was a prisoner for so long. I occupied my time helping others. Now I see why the souls missed topside.

“What's your name?” I asked her. She is walking just ahead of me. “Perdition. You already know me. You helped me for many years. You came to see me every day. I was lost in the void. I am Camilla Dawn. ”

“Camilla Dawn. You got out. How? I am so confused right now.”

“Let's get off the street. I will explain everything. I got a place for us. You will love it. It's above this little pub on Frog Pen Road. We are almost there. Keep up,” she said to me and kept smiling.

 I have never really seen someone happy. She is bouncing down the street in front of me. She is happy.

I cannot believe everything I am seeing. The food, the restaurants, the cobbled streets, the people are laughing and drinking. Everyone is happy to be alive. This is life.  I never thought of it as living, breathing happiness, but here it is right in front of me. Wow!

We continue to walk until I see it, Frog Pen Pub. That is the coolest thing I have ever seen in my sheltered life.

“This is it,” She said.

 I have never seen that shade of green. The Frog Pen Pub is a small pub with a big green sign. She opened a door beside the pub.

 “Come on. Let's get you settled. I have lots to tell you about Damnation.”

I am not afraid. I am perdition. I tell myself as I start this adventure with her.

Camilla Dawn is possibly the sweetest and most idiotic person I have ever met in my life. She took me in. She is helping me. My thoughts are in awe of everything she is doing for me right now. She could have just left the underworld and said to hell with me. She did not. She instead has found me a place to stay and will help me.

Damnation, you have ruined everything, but I will set this right. My first thought is I need to put a protection spell on this place.

 “Camilla, I need to put a barrier up so the demons cannot find us. Do you think you can help me?” I asked her.

 I don’t know what I was expecting her response to be. But I never expected her to reply with it is done silly. And that is exactly what I just heard her say.

“It is done” I guess I heard correctly.

 “What do you mean?” I asked.

“Perdition I prepared for you. We will protect you. Samuel put a barrier upon the pub, the restaurant, and the apartment. You are safe.”

Maybe she has more brains than I thought. The night is young I may change my mind.

“Perdition take a shower. It's the last door on the left. I put a bag in the bathroom with clothes, makeup, and anything you could need. One more thing, do you want me to call you Izzy or Perdition?” She spoke softly.

“Izzy is dead. I am only Perdition now.” I smiled at her.

That smile was hard. I walk to the last door on the left, a small bathroom. There is a bag inside. She has gotten me everything a girl could need. I have always wanted lipstick. I look through the bag. I cannot cry now. I have to stay focused on the task at hand. I need to blend in.

 I know nothing of these people. I only know what I have seen in the underworld. I do not understand how I will acclimate to this new world. I turn on the water. She has so many soaps. This girl is crazy and caring. I am so lucky she followed me here.

 Right now, I would not understand how to blend in with this new world. Here I am in a hot shower with a pink fluffy showering in the sweetest smelling soap.

I keep having flashbacks. I can see the void. It was horrible. How could he leave me? I cannot think about this. I have to just focus on the pink fluffy and getting myself as human-looking as possible. I have to blend in. I have to find him.

 I know I am close to the lake I entered as a child. I am not sure how I got out. I only know they pulled me out. Here I am. Now to find my brother and my mother and get some answers, pink fluffy, just focus on the pink fluffy.

“Are you okay, Perdition?” She asked so sweetly.

“Sorry, Camilla, I am just lost in this pink fluffy.” I am being serious, but she thinks I am joking.

“Do you want me to help you with your makeup?” she asked.

 I do not understand. Is this something I need? I have never worn makeup in the underworld. I have to fit in. SO I guess she needs to help me.  “Yes, please.”

I hear her footsteps leave the door. I am Perdition I can handle this. I can handle this world. I can handle this change. I can do this. I step out of the shower. The sweet smell of soap and shampoo lingers. This vanilla sunset isn’t exactly something I could get in the underworld. Here I smell like a vanilla sunset.

 “Camilla, what do you need to tell me about Damnation?” I inquire as she pulls odd liquids and powders from a bag.

 “Let's get you ready. We can discuss all this with Sam at the bar.” She says

She is so proud of herself as she makes up my face. I find this ridiculous. I am just a visitor to this world. I am here for a purpose.

She handed me my jeans and a red top. “This is fitting considering who my father is,” I told her.

 She laughed. “Come on girl Sam is waiting to meet you.” She says.

She bounced out of the bathroom. I slip on my jeans and the red top. I feel strange. I stare at the bathroom door, inhale deeply, I am Perdition.

We walk down the steps to the street. The sounds and feels are unbelievable. “I love this town Perdition. It reminds me of my home in Louisiana.” She was talking constantly. “Sam is my ex-husband. We met when I was very young. I got in a bad way, but we remained good friends. He is a great guy and one hell of a witch.”

“Witch, did you say witch?” I asked her. Today is so overwhelming.

The door to the bar is green, frog green. The frog on the door is cute. I open this heavy door. The sounds from behind the door are mysterious. The music is divine. I only had discarded music in the underworld. I could hear music in people's souls in the underworld.

“I just want to feel normal,” I told Camilla Dawn as I walked into the bar.

“But you are not normal P.” She responded with a smile. “You are wretched and divine. You are hellfire and sunshine. You are heart and heartbreaks.” She is so right.

“There he is.” She pointed to a man behind the bar.

We are making our way through the crowd of people, Long hair, short hair, black hair, blond hair. I have never seen people like this. They are all so beautiful. Sam was smiling and waving from behind the bar. He pointed to a door for us to go to. I am scared and excited. The door said unholy one on it. That's not scary at all. It seemed silent behind the door. I grab the knob and Sam comes up behind me.

“Let me help you, Izzy, or is it Perdition now?” he smiled.

 He knows the answer. He is so beautiful. I cannot believe how beautiful he is.

“Come in my queen and have a seat. We have a lot to discuss. Camilla Dawn, can you help Tiffany at the bar?” She quickly retreated out the door.

“Samuel Gallows” I read it aloud off a plaque on the wall. He smiled at me. Does this man always smile?

“Izzy, Perdition, I am Sam Gallows. I am a witch and the leader of this small coven. We are the unholy ones. We are descendants of Labith. My father, Isaac is with your brother.” He spoke slowly like I am stupid.

“Sam, Labith raised me. She has no children. She has no descendants. She is a fallen watcher. This cannot be.”

 He moves closer to me. “It is so much you do not know. Labith is a fallen watcher. Her crime was she fell in love with a mortal and she had a child. Gabriel would not let her remain here. She hid her children, her twins with the man she loved. He raised them. We are the unholy descendants of Labith. Everyone in this bar tonight is a descendant or married to a descendant. Isaac wants revenge. He will use your brother to start a war on everything.” He says.

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