Part One Perdition Chapter Six

Chapter six

“What are you thinking P? Are you ok?” Camilla asks.

 “What happened to me?” I asked her.

I must’ve fainted. My heart is beating out of my chest.  I cannot catch air; I cannot… I need air, my lungs and my chest hurt. I am not sure what is going on. Am I OK? I am a celestial. This is not supposed to happen. 1 2 3 I continue counting in my head.

Sam picks me up and places me on the couch. I am cradled in his arms. I need to rest.

“Can I sleep here awhile Sam?” I drift off. I can hear their voices.

 “It's a lot for her to take in at once. She loves her brother Sam.” I hear Camilla’s sweet voice. I concentrate on the music I hear playing. I sleep. I am a child in the underworld.

I see Labith. I see my mother figure, my protector. “Labith what have you done?” I scream myself awake.

I am still cradled in Sam’s arms. “Sam, I am hot. I am thirsty. I am so confused right now.” I say to him.

 He looked into my eyes. “You need to know you are the answer to everything Perdition. You will save us all.”

 “I cannot be Sam.” I laughed as I began to cry. ”Sam I am just a girl.” I tell him.

I have to get out of here. This is just too much for me to handle right now. I am not sure what to do.

“Sam let’s take her to Ryan’s place. I want to show her who we are.” Camilla Dawn spoke so sweetly.

 “O.K. let’s go but first I want you to meet a few people here then we will go. Ryan’s place is protected. We will all be safe there. No need to worry.” He said as he opened the unholy door.

 I jump up and walk back into the music. There is so much smoke in this bar. This is so different from what I imagined in my mind.

 I notice red hair at the bar. That must be Tiffany. She has red hair and a black leather jacket. “Hey Perdition what are you drinking?” She is yelling from behind the bar.

Why is everyone looking at me? The music stops and they are looking at me. A big burly looking guy is walking toward me. Am I going to die?

My first day on the topside and I feel like there is way too much happening. How can all this be real? I am a celestial being and I am freaking out. Day one here and I am standing in a bar with people looking at me like I am important.

The big guy hugs me. “Welcome to the family Perdition. You are safe here.” He says.

“Thank you. I am frightened. Is that ok” I reply. “Can you make everyone stop staring at me?”

 “Guys give her some room. It's been a big day for her.” He shouted to the crowd.

They return to their lives. The bar is loud again; the music plays, there is laughter. I smile at him and take a deep breath.

“Let's get you a drink from Tiffany. What are you drinking girl?” He asked.

 “Well, I have never had a drink before so I do not know. We have a limited selection in the underworld.” I laugh as I tell him.

“No worries I’ll grab you something and we can talk for a while. Sound good.” He said as he walked toward the bar.

 Oh, well, there is a place in the corner where no one can stare at me. I can't get over all this green and red. It is different. I have lived my life in a very different environment. The people are still looking at me as I walk to the corner booth.

 I can feel their eyes and I can hear their thoughts, the only real power given to me. I can feel people and hear their desires. They think I can save them.

The big guy returns. “My name is JJ. I am a lot like you. I was born a celestial. I am bound here to earth. I have been helping the descendants for many years. I know this confuses you. I was too when I first came here. They tossed me out of heaven. I had no one to help me. I had to wing it. We are all here to help you and your brother.”

 He is so sincere when he speaks with his rough voice.

 “My brother tried to kill me. You know of that right? Why would I help him? He needs to return to the underworld.” I sternly tell him as I notice this strange glass in front of me. “What is this?”

Sam walks up, smiling. “It's a house special. Frog pen juice.”

These people are crazy. I am in a bar listening to music surrounded by crazy-ass people drinking green frog juice and they think I am their damn savior.

“I can hear your thoughts Perdition. All celestials have the power to hear when they are on earth.” JJ tells me. “You will be fine. Maybe you need to just have some fun tonight. We can go see Ryan tomorrow. You know Day two. For tonight just try to take it all in. And by the way, it’s just whiskey. It won't even affect you. It just helps you fit in with them. They feel like they are doing something for you. Let them. Let them admire you. Let them care about you and your well being. They have waited on you for a long time. So buck up and be the daughter of Lucifer, the badass you are Perdition. So drop the scared girl act and pull yourself together. There is work to do sweetie.” JJ says.

He is so right. I am feeling sorry for myself. I am the daughter of Lucifer and Venus. I survived the void and I am whining like an idiot. I smile at JJ and pick up the frog juice.

“Here’s to the void” We toast. I drink. They all smile. It's a sudden calm. Why do I feel at home suddenly? I have served my entire life. Now they want to serve me. It is strange. JJ stay out of my head I tell him and give him a wink.

I continue to sit in this booth and drink Frog juice. I listen to the voices of everyone in the room. They have so many hopes and dreams. They have thoughts of home and love. I have never been around so much family.

Camilla Dawn and I are walking back upstairs. My thoughts and feelings are like a fire inside my body. What a night! I have never experienced such a family feeling. It was like being in a family for the first time in my life.

 It is almost like I am home. Is this my home now? I never want to go back to the underworld. There is still so much more to see. Do not lose sight Perdition. Find your brother and you have to send him back.

Camilla Dawn opens the door she is a little tipsy.

“You ok, Camilla?” I ask her.

“I have never been better. You saved me.”She smiles.

 I have survived my first day on the topside.

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