Part One Perdition Chapter Eight

Chapter eight

 Day three

I am still at the farm. I do not want to leave. Why can I not just stay here? I know I cannot stay here. There is so much to be done and as quickly as possible. I feel so connected here. This place feels like home.

 “This is your home Perdition.” I hear a voice speaking to me but I am not sure who it is.

 I am losing my mind. The void was hard on me. My mind keeps going back to it. I have spent my life not belonging anywhere. I do not belong in the underworld, I do not belong in the void, and I do not belong here. I feel lost. I am hurting.

 I want to talk to my father. I have so many questions for him. I want him to know I am okay and that I love him. I want him to know I understand why he killed Koko. I may not agree but I understand.

 Celestials deal with their problems so differently than normal people. I wonder if he is capable of for

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