Part Two Queen Of Hell Chapter 36

JJ sat in his room at the B&B contemplating what he should do. He didn’t want to go out into the city and leave the girls without someone close by. He wanted to go look for Perdition, but he felt that could wait at least one more day. Besides, as soon as Perdition and Chaos figured out they were in the city, the two would probably seek them out. He hoped they would anyway. He hoped he could talk to her and maybe reason with her. 

First, he needed Chaos out of the way. How in the hell would he get him out of the way? He thought about knocking him out cold. He figured it wouldn’t be that hard. The thought brought a smile to his face. The winds were blowing hard, and the rain was coming in. JJ opened his door. 

Rain in New Orleans was different. It was a spiritual experience. JJ had a deep love for New Orleans. Something he and Sam had in common. Sam would’ve never left New Orleans if Camilla Dawn would’ve just stayed away. He could&r

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