Part Two Queen Of Hell Chapter 37

Perdition wanted to check on Camilla Dawn and the babies. Key was with her.

“Is she ok?” Perdition asks. Key shakes her head. “I do not know what is wrong with her. Mrs. Bee thinks it has something to do with the black magic, and honestly, I do too. I think she is drained.” Key says.

“I think I can wake her.” Perdition says.  

“Why did Sam bring her here?” Perdition asks as Sam enters the room with Angie.

“I thought she would be safe here.” He says.

“Well, I am not so sure about that.” Perdition says. Perdition keeps staring at Sam. “You’re not being truthful, Sam. Why are you really here?” she asks him.

Sam looks out the door of Camilla Dawn's room. He sees Mayhem waiting patiently. 

“Look, this all happened fast. We got word where Camilla Dawn was and where Mayhems kids were and we just … well, we just ended up here.

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