Part Two Queen Of Hell Chapter 39

“Because we are from yesterday.” Camilla Dawn says. Key stops what she is doing and runs to her side.

“What? What are you saying?” Key says.

“Because we are from yesterday and we know nothing because our days on earth are like a shadow.” Camilla Dawn says. 

“I do not understand,” Key says. Camilla Dawn opens her eyes. She stares into Key’s eyes.

“I am scared.” Camilla Dawn says. Camilla Dawn closes her eyes and goes back to sleep. 

Camilla Dawn slips into a deep sleep. Her mind is reliving her past. It’s slow torture for her. She has tried to pay for her past. There is no way to make it right unless she gives in to the watchers. 

As vivid images flash before her, she knows what she must do. She must submit to Jaza. She cannot let anyone else get hurt. The image of Sam being stabbed plays for her over and over. “No!” She screams.

Key watc

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