Part Two Queen Of Hell Chapter 40

 Jaza was no fool. Whatever Perdition was planning, he was prepared. He was on guard. He had sent word to every watcher hiding on earth to be ready. 

 Perdition had contacted Labith and told her to bring Jaza to the inn tonight. Perdition was ready to give up Camilla Dawn in exchange Jaza would leave Sam alone and not interfere with the babies.

 Labith knew there was no way Perdition would just quietly hand over Camilla Dawn. She knew she was up to something. Labith had raised the once sweet girl. She knew her better than anyone. 

 “What do you think she is up to?” Jaza asked Labith.

 Labith walked into Jaza’s chamber. It is such a dark and menacing place. Labith did not like being in closed spaces with him. 

          “I honestly cannot say Jaza,” Labith answered him. 

“She is unique, isn’t she?” Jaza says as he moves closer to Labith

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