Part Two Queen Of Hell Chapter 41

Perdition had little time to get everyone safe.   She wasn’t sure how she would handle Sam. She planned to get Angie and Mrs. Bee as far away from New Orleans as possible with the newborns. 

 She also had to deal with Mayhem, Tiffany, JJ, and Chaos. She planned to use Chaos to distract Jaza. She wasn’t sure how much she could depend on him. Jaza had to die.

          She knew there would be hell to pay, but it had to be done. What was the worst they could do to her? Send her to the void. She wasn’t afraid, and there was no one as powerful as her. Not even her brother could come close to her power. 

          She could feel it growing every day. Now she just had to figure out exactly how to use it to save her friends. Her powers were strong but raw. She still had difficulty focusing on just using her power and not it taking over. She knew she needed to focu

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