Forever Mine
Forever Mine
Author: N Chandra


This is the sequel to the book.

'His reluctant Luna'

It's better to read the first part to understand the back story. However, it can still be read as a stand-alone book.

I am still in the process of developing the plot and the characters. The updates might be slow, please bear with me.

This book is for 18+ with several triggers of violence and sex. So, those below 18 and sensitive to these things please stay away.

For those who have not read the first part here is the plot.

Alice is the Alpha's daughter of Jade moon pack. When she was 9  her father was killed in the werewolf war. Her mother died of the grief of losing her mate. Her brother Rick who was 17 took over the pack as an Alpha.

Due to her trauma and Rick being too young to protect her and manage the pack, she was sent away with her eccentric aunt who is a keeper. A human who can see supernatural beings and they are aware of the werewolves. Alice lived in different parts of the world and finally settled in London. She is more comfortable with her human side and doesn't want to return to the pack life or find her mate.

At 24 Alice is an architect and engaged to Mark, a human who is unaware of her werewolf identity. He is also the heir of the firm she works in.

Lucian Blake the Alpha of the Crimson shadow pack has been looking for his mate for years. He has a ruthless reputation because he killed his father's Beta who was leading the pack after his father's death and took over the pack at the age of 18.

During her visit back home for Christmas, Alice bumps into her mate Lucian Blake, Alpha of the Crimson shadow pack. The most ruthless, dangerous and richest Alphas of the country.

Alice doesn't want to do anything with him but Lucian is not ready to give up their mate bond. He stalks her and rescues her from a kidnapping attempt by roughs.

She escapes but he chases her to her pack where he threatens to attack and wage a war unless she comes with him.

Alice strikes a deal with him, saying she would live with him and see if they are compatible, but would not let him mark her unless she is sure. He reluctantly agrees.

She has a hard time dealing with his ruthless and overbearing nature, she has to deal with pack issues. Distrustful pack members and jealous Ex gf of Lucian. Alice tries to defy and drive away Lucian so that he would break the mate bond mutually, but he doesn't relent. She becomes a good friend with one of the Pack member Savannah. Savannah guides her on how to break the mate bond but it doesn't work.

Alice eventually starts respecting and liking Lucian when she finds out he is the same boy who had helped her during the werewolf war in which her father had died. However, she doesn't consider herself good enough for Lucian. Lucian rejects her.

She also decides to break her engagement with Mark. Mark gives her a surprise visit and despite Lucian's anger and disapproval, she meets Mark.

The rogues attack again and she shifts to save Mark. He freaks out and also says not to return to work. He doesn't want anything to do with her. Lucian saves her again.

Alice realizes humans would never accept her and not everyone is as accepting as her mother and sister-in-law. Both were turned werewolves.

Alice expected Lucian to be furious instead he consoles her. She realizes he is not bad and accepts the mate bond and becomes the Luna of the Crimson shadow pack.

To examine the constant attacks and kidnapping attempt on herself. Alice starts investigating her father's death and finds out her mother belonged to a rare bloodline of ancient oracles, or witches and Alice is a mix of werewolf and which made her a hybrid. His blood is powerful for blood magic.

 Alice was sent away with her aunt to protect her from a coven of witches and a few Alphas who wanted Alice.

The witches want her dead because they consider her an abomination and want to use her blood for blood magic. Some pack Alphas want her for her magical bloodline.

The original attack on her father was for the same reason. Lucian's father was not involved in killing Alice's father it was his Beta. Hence, Lucian had killed him to take over the pack.

Her mother died protecting her. Her brother Rick even though he had witch's blood he didn't have those abilities because witches were always female.

Now Rick's 5-year-old daughter is their new target. During a mating ball. Where different packs assemble for finding their mates. The little girl gets kidnapped and Alice is lured out to save her. Finally, the witch and those who betrayed them are killed and Lucian and Alice live happily ever after.

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Nenet Agnes Pecaoco
very interesting story.
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Nour El Hoda Nader
Thank you for the plot summary It's very considerate of you

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