Chapter 1 - Bliss

Alice - 

Being a Luna was never part of my plan but it was my destiny and now I was loving it. I am Alice Anderson a hybrid wolf with a werewolf father and a mother who was a witch. Apparently, that makes me special. Not always in a good way. 

After going through several trials and tribulations I was finally at ease with Lucian. I am Luna of the Crimson Shadow pack and Lucian Blake is my mate.

Generally, life was good. I loved living in the pack and there weren't any more death threats.

“Please put the couch here,” I instructed the betas and omegas who were hauling the furniture into our newly renovated home.

I had designed the interiors myself. It had been a tedious and tiring process especially when Lucian was barely interested. He had given me the free rein to do whatever I wanted, with the house. It was a good thing, but I was expecting him to be a bit more excited about the whole project. He had been busy, handling the pack and business issues, leaving me to my house reconstruction activity.

“Thank you that will be all.” 

I dismissed the wolves who had been helping around and walked across the entertainment hall with a huge flat-screen TV at the other end. I had got this built in the basement. I leaned against the sofa and wished Lucian was here. We didn't have a proper conversation in a long time. Our schedules had been just too erratic. I had missed him. Missed his touch, his kisses. 

I was nearing my heat, hence I was getting wet just thinking about him. He was gorgeous in both his human and wolf form.

I was running my fingers over my neck trying to dispel those amorous thoughts.

I stepped back into the living room to see a determined Lucian marching towards me. 

Grabbing me by the upper arms he picked me up and sat me on the stylish wooden cupboard which I had got placed just hours ago.

"I wasn’t expecting you," I stammered, as his hands ran up under my skirt. I gasped as his fingers stroked my thigh.

"I had no such plans. I thought I could get some work done since you were busy with the house fixing," he muttered over my mouth before crushing my lips beneath his.

"Instead I find my mind filled with thoughts of us. Do you know what that's like? To try to listen to my Betas reading out reports while your arousal and thoughts creep into my mind?"

"I'm sorry, I wasn't doing it intentionally, but we both decided to keep our minds open."

“Does it look like I am complaining? " he grinned, pulling me and placing a series of kisses down my neck.

The furniture I was on shuddered with our movements he kissed me fiercely. I held onto him as he ground against me and prayed the wood was put together well.

"Wait," I managed to speak when we broke off the kiss his mouth was on my breasts now.

"We are in the living room, someone might walk in and I dont want to break all this new furniture."

"Nobody's around," he replied.

"Lucian, stop! Your mom...." I said, pushing him off me as I spotted her walking through the living room door.

"Lucian? Have you seen your sister?" Lucian's mother asked aloud.

He groaned and sprang apart. I stifled a giggle and buttoned my shirt which he had opened haphazardly.

"Lenora is Luna of the Red pack mom, she doesn't stay here anymore." He sighed, running his hand through his hair.

"Is it? But she is just 16!" His mother said.

"Well hello Rose, when did you arrive?" His mother the former Luna, Laureen had dementia and she often mistook me as my mother. I still didnt know how she knew my mother and she wasnt in her senses to answer my questions I got up from the couch and walked towards her.

"Let me take you to your room, mom, did you have your medicines?" I gently steered the older lady towards her room and wondered where were her caretakers. 

'Come back later, I am not done with you.' Lucian said in my mind. I smiled, he had not changed at all. I hoped he remained so always.

"Rose, did you kill the witch?" Laureen asked as I tucked her in bed.

"Yes, Regina is gone now. You are safe. Everything is fine now. Go to sleep."

"But there are others, Lucian doesn't know." She mumbled.

I stopped midway and stared at her. What was she talking about? She often spoke things from the past and most of the time they didn't make any sense, except a few times when she did. Like her warning about the witch Regina who wanted me for my hybrid blood. But Regina was dead what was she talking about?

I didn't get to ponder on it as she had dozed off soon. Making sure that she was in deep sleep I walked back into the living room. Lucian was not there. I found him on the terrace staring at the river.

"Hey!" I said, placing my hand on his broad shoulder. It looked tiny compared to shoulders. He seemed sad which made my wolf unhappy.

"What are you looking at?" I said peering at the garden. Thanks to our wolf vision I could see perfectly fine into the rather overgrown garden. 

'Must get the garden pruned before housewarming.' I reminded myself.

Lucian turned towards me, his green eyes had a melancholy look.

"We used to have birthday parties in the garden, dad used to arrange for a jumping castle. It was fun." He was talking softly as if talking to himself.

I craned in my neck to listen, Lucian had never spoken about his childhood or family before and I wouldn't want to listen.

"My father wasn't perfect, made some wrong friends and committed a few mistakes but he was a good father to Lorena and me." 

I circled my hand around his arm and leaned my head on it.

"Do you miss him?" It was a stupid question. Who wouldn't miss their parents and good memories of childhood?

"I miss having a family that's all. My childhood was not very smooth." He shrugged then turned towards me smiling. 

"Sorry for spoiling the mood, I just recalled those memories when mother arrived." He said apologetically.

"It ok Lucian, I like hearing about your life, you don't talk much about it anyway. Would you like to talk?" I asked.

He smiled his familiar dimpled smile.

"Perhaps, later. Would you like to give me the tour of my house preferably ending in the bedroom?" He said seductively.

My knees went weak.

"Sure," I grinned back.

Holding his arm we walked back into the house. 

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