Chapter 4 - Picnic

Alice -

After meeting Rossi girls and convincing them to join the training, I returned with Katherine. Lucian and I needed to talk. If Gregory's brother had escaped, he could be a potential threat.

"You seem upset," Katherine said while I drove back to the packhouse.

"I am feeling bad about the humiliation and fear those girls went through. I haven't tried reaching out to the new pack members. Things were so busy in the last year that they slipped off my mind. I feel like a failure." I lamented.

"Don't say that, Alice. You have been the perfect, Luna. There has always been, and will always be such packs. When the Alphas turn out to be crazy, the pack suffers. My parents belonged to such a pack. "

"I thought you always lived here!" I exclaimed, turning to face Katherine.

"I was born here, but my parents were from the now decimated Blue-star pack. Their Alpha was weird. They had many rules around ranking. Mating with humans was forbidden. If any higher-ranking female had a lower r
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