Chapter 5 - Car ride

Lucian -

It was early morning when Alice and I headed out to Azure beach, our chosen destination. It was the latter portion of March.

I could sense her feeling a bit guilty about taking me away from the pack. I smiled.

"Don't worry, they can live without us for a few days, they are in good hands," I assured her, hearing her thoughts.

"That's good to know, have you been away from the pack before?" She asked while leaning back in her seat, arching her back a little. She looked a bit odd.

"Several times, I keep taking business trips. Daniel and my friend Garrett even went backpacking through Europe right after college. So, it's not like the pack has never been on its own before. Alice, what the fuck are you doing?" I asked as Alice moved her hands seductively on my jeans.

My muscles bunched and jumped as she lovingly rubbed my thigh. Up and down she went, sometimes barely skimming over my pants, sometimes kneading the muscle underneath. I cast a sidelong glance at her. Her mischievous sm
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