Chapter 6 - Making future plans

Alice -

By afternoon, we had made it to the spot he wanted us to be in. It was a typical shack on a beach, just at the edge of a forest.

"What is this place?" I asked, staring at the crashing waves.

"Do you like it?" He grinned at me. The wind blew against his hair, messing it up. He looked cute. I didn't see anyone else around.

"Is this a private beach?" I asked.

"Kind of. This is the former pack land on the Black Stone pack. I was going to sell it off as the pack has already shifted to our area, then I came across this! Now, I don't know what to do? It's beautiful," he said, enthralled. The beach was indeed beautiful.

The sand was softly golden with just the right comforting warmth, like a cosy hug, one only matched by the sunshine-filled sky. Lucian stretched out both arms and legs to look like a boy-starfish, his grin growing slowly into a broad smile. The waves washed the sands in white lace.

"It's too beautiful to be sold," I exclaimed.

"Yes, but I don't know what to do
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