Chapter 7 - Murders

Alice -

Our time ended much too quickly. I loved every minute of it. We hunted, explored, and fucked to our heart's content. I was sad when it was time to leave.

I realized that this was the most amount of time Lucian and I had ever spent together, alone. We blended so well it surprised me. We didn't have anything like a honeymoon or even much of a real date. Our relationship just materialized into existence out of thin air, but it did feel solid.

As we drove back towards home. I contemplated our relationship and life. Lucian seemed lost in his thoughts. It was a comfortable silence between us.

We reached the pack land in the late evening. I yawned and stretched my body, I badly needed some rest.

"Go in and get some rest? I have some work to catch up on." Lucian spoke while taking out our luggage.

"I am not tired. Let's meet the pack. Katherine and I need to talk." I pressed my lips in a grimace.

Lucian chuckled.

"Come on! I am sure she gave you that drug in a good faith. Don't be hard
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