Chapter 8 - Olivia

Author's note - This chapter contains gore and violence. Please be warned.


Olivia -

I was woken by the agonizing screams. Panic and terror momentarily paralyzed me as the memories of rape and brutal beatings overwhelmed me. I tried to move my arms, but a sharp pain shot through my body. One of my eyes was swollen to shut, so I had to make do with one eye. Peering in the dark, I saw one of those monstrous shapes moving.

I shivered in a cold cell and pulled myself into a sitting position on the damp earthen floor.

I was locked in a nightmare, and there was no escape. Fear had been my constant companion in the last week. I craned my neck to hear the dull slap of flesh against flesh, accompanied by the shrieks that echoed in the murky darkness of the prison. They were doing it again.

The smell of blood and death overlaid the dank smell of decay. The shrieks had now reduced to a whimper. I wished to die, it was preferable to the monster I had turned into. I had become a monster
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