Chapter 38 - Abducted again


I was heading for the trees before I realized what was happening.

'No, turn back,' I thought to myself, and then realized I wasn't in charge. The wolf was in charge.

My wolf was showing herself. I could feel her stretching out as I ran. Trees sped by me in a blur, and I sucked in a lung-full of fresh air. I felt powerful.

The rational human part of me still panicked and tried to get through to the wolf. I ran for miles, trying to check out my territory.

I looked down at my feet, and they were still human, with a small spattering of white wolf fur. I had claws on my hands, but they still looked mostly human. It struck me that I was partially shifted into the hybrid wolf woman. And it felt great. I couldn't wait to turn fully.

'Olivia,' Zaiden's voice boomed in my head. My mate was close on my heels, and suddenly, I was overwhelmed by an intense desire. He was supposed to claim me. Why was he late?

Without further delay, my face started to change, and a snout started to grow. It
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