Chapter 40 - A silver lining

I tried to keep my eyes open, as Stuart droned on and on about his scientific advancements. I had lost track of what he had been rambling long back, but just nodded and smiled at certain intervals to look interested.

'Come on, Lucian,' I said into the void.

"So, these human women failed to get pregnant, it's not because my experiment failed. They were just weak. Weak and useless. Even my army of men was not the breakthrough I had been hoping for. So, I started seeking alternatives. The best approach was to go natural. Create my hybrid children. "

He crossed his legs and folded his hands, placing his chin on his knuckles.

"So, that's why you attacked the mated Alpha females?"

"Yeah, lost quite a few of my men. I don't care about them, though. They were lab rats.....totally disposable." He shrugged.

"And I am your next big experiment?" I was feeling squeamish.

"You are special, Alice."

I winced, my name rolling off his tongue made me sick.

"I am sorry, I need to use the bathroom." I su
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