Chapter 41 - Escape

Olivia -

I woke up screaming from the nightmare I just had.

"Olivia! Are you alright?" Zaiden was holding my shaking body.

"I saw her...... I saw Madam Luna, she was in a cave, not a lab. Take me to the Alpha, please." I pleaded. The vision was so vivid. It was almost like I was there.

"Sure, get dressed." He threw me a pair of a tracksuit.

It was late night or early morning. Whatever one might refer to 3 am when we reached the Alpha's office. The hustle and bustle of betas and the trackers ascertained the fact that nobody had slept for hours. Alpha was trying everything possible to trace Alice. The row of SUVs in the driveway ensured that they were either going or returning from a raid.

"I must talk to the Alpha now! " I pleaded to the guard standing at the door.

"Alpha is busy in a meeting, you can't see him now." He replied gruffly.

"I must see him, I had a vision. I saw Madam Luna."

Before the guard could react. The door burst open.

"You had a vision of Alice? What did you see?" A
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