Chapter 43 - New dreams


I knew about Doppler monitors, which are used to hear the fetal heartbeat. The idea both thrilled and terrified me.

"Just lie back," Dr Armand said, lifting my gown to reveal my bare belly. He squirted some liquid on my skin. "Just a bit of gel. It'll help pick up the sound."

A crackling sound like an old transistor radio broke out in the room. Lucian looked at me, bewildered.

"We'll hear the baby's heartbeat?" I asked.

The doctor nodded, moving the instrument over my stomach.

"The heart forms and starts beating from a very early stage."

More static came from the small speaker the doctor held in his hand. A rapid, watery sound rang out, like waves at the beach on fast-forward.

Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

A smile spread across Dr Armand's face. "There's your baby."

I held my breath. Whoosh whoosh whoosh.

Lucian's face was like a mask. I had never seen him so shocked and happy, both at the same time. The miracle of the moment began to sink in. We had created a life. The baby we had creat
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