Chapter 44 - Good end of things


As I walked towards the circle to join the pack, our guests, and friends. I couldn't help admiring the decor, the fairy lights and the most tempting smell of roasted meat. Katherine had outdone herself.

The entire circle had been decorated with twinkle lights and colourful roses. There was soft music being played by a live band. It sounded old and enchanting. The guests were all smiling and joking. Lucian joined me soon, and I found myself in his arms. He smiled at me intensely, then kissed me. His tongue ran over my lips and I opened her mouth to let him taste her. My hands danced his shirt buttons, I wished I were back in our room.

"I wish the same, dear," he said, giving a sly smile.

"Maybe later," I winked at him.

"Mate!" A shout broke the magic, and we looked at the commotion.

Eliza was clinging to Max, who looked dazed.

"I found my mate, hi, I am Eliza and I like you." She flushed while talking to Max.

"You like me? But you are so beautiful, you are way out of my league."
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