9. Kiss Stealer


“I’ve been waiting for this moment to happen. It’s nice that you’re back, Stephen.”

It was really him.

They are coming this way. He would see me. Fuck, I need to think fast. I don’t want him to see me. Not now.

“Excuse me madame and a gentleman,” his colleague asked.

Instead of facing them, I did the unthinkable. I coiled my arms around his neck and kissed the devil in Armani suit. It wasn’t a simple kiss. It was torrid and he was kissing me back with the same intensity as I am giving him. I was french-kissing him in front of many people inside a restaurant to avoid my ex-boyfriend who sold me to another devil back in the days. It wasn’t a good idea but it’s all I have now.

Someone cleared his throat. “Gents, there’s another way. We don’t want to interrupt romantic people here. Do we?”

Nang mawa

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I came here just for youuuuuu .........
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Francine Raven
how to gain coins???

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