Special Chapter - Four



The moment I opened my eyes, Sioux was staring at me worriedly. He was sitting on the edge of the bed, and grabbed a glass of water in the bedside table. Sioux helped me up as I drank the water. Pawisan ako nang malamig. It wasn’t because of the air-conditioned room, but with the nightmare I had.

Muli akong napaiyak sa pagbaha ng alaala. Fresh pa iyon sa utak ko. Dinaluhan ako ni Sioux. “Babe, what happened? I am worried.” He kissed my forehead, as his arms encircled my body. I just stayed in that position, still crying. Hindi ako makapag-isip ng tama.

“It’s just a bad dream, I am here, alright.” He kept on caressing my hair while whispering sweet thoughts. They didn’t help. It made me question my current situation. Was this the dream and what I had earlier was my reality? I cried even harder.

I love Sioux. I love my babies ---

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