11. The Other Side of Things

"Wow, wow, Woah!" Cas leaned forward, a couple of frown lines occupying his forehead. "Are you serious?"

"Yes," answered William grimly. 

"Its that bad, huh." Cas leaned back against the leathered chair and put his right hand on the armrest. "What did they use this time?"

William could pretend that he did not understand what Cas was referring to but at this moment, he didnt see the point of lying or sugarcoating the ugly truth. "My mother." 

"Oh, okay, thats simply cruel." Cas shook his head. He knew very well how much William loved her mother, the only person in his family who did not judge him or to put it bluntly, the only person in his family who actually loved him. William would do anything for his mother and now, he supposed, William's grandfather and father knew that and turned it to their advantage. 


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