22. The Best Friend

The second the door closed and she heard the click noise as a confirmation, Kate pulled herself up and sat on the bed, heaving a sigh. She had been awake for the last ten minutes since she had heard him groaning and making other noises in the shower but she remained on the bed, not moving a muscle because she wanted to avoid the awkward conversation between them. After all, she had realized that during her sleep last night she had accidentally gone to the other part of the bed and landed somewhere on his side. She was not sure if she had physically touched him or not but she would not be surprised if that had been the case. 

Carefully she slid herself off the bed and rose to her feet. Since she could not leave the bed without tidying it up first, something she had done every day for as long as she could remember, she made up the bed even though she knew the hotel staff would do it later. At last, she

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