Chapter 77

Selena POV:

Duncan’s cellphone rang just as we acknowledged what was happening. He answered it quickly, practically yelling into the receiver over the noise being created by the wind and water outside. The humans were terrified.

“Yes. I know. We think so too,” he said, his eyes boring into mine. There was chaotic fear and absolute certainty.

The lights above us flickered a few times and then went dead. The emergency lights flashed on almost immediately as we emerged out to the main area.

A waiter was crying to calm a crying girl afraid of storms when she noticed us.

“I am sure the lights will be back on momentarily,” she said quickly, but I could see she was physically shaking.

Duncan was trying trying to move us out the doors, but I stalled him to take a good look at the humans.

Absolute fear. These people would be caught in between powers they didn’t know about.

What would help them?

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