Chapter 2612

Nevertheless, it was no easy task to make a new artist popular. Take Cindy. So much money had been spent to make her popular. However, based on Cindy’s contract, she was entitled to 70 percent of the commission, whereas the company was entitled to 30 percent.

What was more, Cindy was not as popular as Eliza.

Chester was willing to destroy Eliza for Cindy’s sake. Nevertheless, Shedrick believed that it was not a good move. With Eliza’s potential, she would surely be able to earn about one billion dollars for the company before her contract ended.

After Eliza got downstairs, she held a meeting in her office.

Only Skyler and Hailey showed up. As for the other assistants, makeup artists, and bodyguards who had worked for Eliza for a long time, they did not come after learning that something had happened to her.

“What an ungrateful bunch of people,” Skyler criticized. “Lizzie, you’ve always treated them well. Besides giving them their base salary, you gave them a large sum of bonus
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