Chapter 2613

The next day, Felix Media announced the termination of its contract with Eliza.

Once again, Eliza was in deep water.

[The matter regarding Eliza is true. Even the company has terminated its contract with her.]

[Felix Media is a trashy company. Although the company is trying to deny its connections with Eliza, the scandal it was embroiled in can’t be erased.]

[I’m curious about Young Master Patterson, who kept Eliza as a mistress. Considering that he could keep an A-list celebrity just like that, he must have an impressive background.]

[Do you know Janee Hotel? It’s everywhere. You can even find the hotel overseas. I heard Young Master Patterson is the son of Janee Group’s chairman.]


After reading the comments on the Internet, Skyler felt a little intimidated. “Lizzie, is it fine to hire Internet ghostwriters to expose Monte’s identity?”

“If we don’t expose him, how can Monte contact me?” While packing her things, Eliza replied, “Drop the subject. Let’s move out first.”

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