Chapter 2614

“Stop pretending. I bet you can recognize my voice.” Monte said furiously, “I’m engaged, and now everyone knows about the affair between us. Not only did my dad yell at me, but my fiancée also pulled a long face.”

“Oh, it’s you.” Eliza said casually, “Considering how rich the Patterson family is, why didn’t you hire any Internet ghostwriters?”


Monte choked. He did use his connections to remove all the online comments related to his affair yesterday. After all, he must not allow anyone to discuss his real identity on the Internet, yet his identity was exposed today. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Eliza, were you the one who contributed to the online comments? You deliberately turned the netizen's attention to me.”

“Stop accusing me.” Eliza’s pleasant voice sounded cold and indifferent. “Given my fame, it’s normal for you to appear on the trending list since we were once together.”

Stung by her mockery, Monte found it strange, for Eliza never used to behave like that. Howeve
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