Chapter 2615

After Eliza read Monte’s post, she quickly shared it on Facebook. [I was in a relationship just like everyone else. But am I supposed to be considered a kept woman just because I’m a celebrity and my ex-boyfriend is rich? Can’t university students be in a relationship? Because of this relationship, I've been my hard work in the entertainment industry has been denied, and no one cares about my progression. If you like me, you may continue to do so. If you don’t, I won’t force you either.]

Catherine and Freya promptly liked Eliza’s post and commented on it.

Catherine: [I trust that you take relationships seriously.]

Freya: [Hah. I’ve been wanting to say this. I’ve introduced some wealthy and powerful men to you, but you've never cared about them. It makes me wonder whether the netizens who called you a kept woman know who your friends are.]

The netizens hotly discussed the matter.

[I knew Eliza wasn’t that sort. Listen up. She was just in a normal relationship with Monte. You dirty-
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