Chapter 2617

“I have no idea.” Shedrick frowned. “But when I had a meal with Monte some time ago, he didn’t mention Eliza at all. What’s more, when they broke up, Monte was really… done with Eliza.”

“Done with her?” Chester uttered this word with a deep voice.

An indescribable feeling overcame him.

It turned out that b*stard Monte was done with Chester’s woman.

Was Eliza such a disgrace?

Afraid that Chester would flip the table in rage, Shedrick said bitterly, “It would've been fine if we didn’t cancel her contract with us. This time, it is our company’s fault. I need to persuade her to come back and sign the contract with us, but she’ll definitely reject it.”

“I won’t let her get away with it.” Chester’s tone was cold. “I’ll make her return obediently and work with us.”

Shedrick opened his mouth.

He wanted to say that it was their fault from the start and that it was not a good idea for them to force Eliza to come back using threatening means.

Nevertheless, Chester had always been tyranni
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