Chapter 2618

Monte watched her hang up on him and found it unbelievable.

He could not believe Eliza dared to tell him off and even hang upon him.

Was she not madly in love with him?

Yet now, she did not give a shit about him. Could she be playing hard to get?

A hint of interest crossed Monte’s eyes. He had to admit that Eliza’s tactic had attracted him.

While Eliza was making breakfast, Hailey called her. “Have you moved out?”

“Yeah. Since the contract has been terminated, there’s no reason for me to use Felix Media’s apartment anymore.” Eliza stirred the noodles in the pot.

Hailey was filled with a mix of emotions. “Eliza... you’ve come up with a solution, right?”

“Hailey, you think too highly of me. If this issue hadn’t offended Monte, I wouldn’t have had any solution.” Eliza sounded indifferent. Regardless of how Hailey had treated her back then, the two of them were destined to go on different paths after Eliza left the company.

“Do you think President Daley and President Jewell wil
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