Chapter 2619

“So you really did sleep with Monte?”

There was a hint of fury in Chester's eyes, as though he was looking at the dirtiest thing in the world. He even tightened his grip.

Eliza’s chin hurt so much that it felt like it was going to break, and she did not hold back her tears from running down her face.

She looked disgusting with her tears mixed with the powder.

Chester let go of her and took a piece of tissue paper to wipe his dirty hand. After that, he tossed the paper onto her with a bad temper. “Eliza, you’re f*cking dirty.”

“What can I do?”

Eliza forced a smile. “Since you don’t want to help me, I only have myself to rely on. President Jewell, did forcing me to sleep with you make it all too easy for you that, especially since you didn’t spend any money with me at all, you think of me as cheap? No matter how nasty your attitude was toward the women you previously slept with, you would at least give them what they deserved, right?”

Truth be told, she would be throwing insults
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