Chapter 2620

However, considering that Eliza had tried to take revenge for Charity, Chester would let the matter rest.

“Stop negotiating with me. That is the most I can compromise,” Chester said coldly.

“I can come back to the company, but I won’t sign the previous contract. I want the 60-40 profit split, with mine 60 and yours 40. Besides that, I want to set up my own studio with my own team, and I’ll be the one deciding on the kinds of films and advertisements I take up. I don’t want to be the company’s marionette anymore.” Eliza raised her head and said.

“How dare you continue to negotiate with me?” The impatience in Chester’s eyes was evident. “Letting you get away with it is the biggest compromise I can make.”

“At the end of the day, you’re angry with me only because of my subordinates, aren’t you?”

Eliza gritted her teeth. “What if I don’t care about my subordinates’ lives? I’ve sacrificed a lot for them. Besides, I’ve paid them for working for me, and we’ve all gotten what we wanted. I
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